Kenny Flowers Hawaiian Shirts Are The Ultimate Summer 2019 Party Shirt – Review

If you’re anything like me, men, your closet is a cornucopia of shirts. Yes, there are plenty of dress shirts for the office and dinner meetings with clients. But there are also dozens of hangers filled with shirts for golf, shirts for Friday nights out, and shirts for hanging at the beach. And then there’s a drawer in your dresser strictly reserved for funny t-shirts, for life’s truly casual moments.

Over the last couple years, I’ve channeled my inner-Jimmy Buffett and acquired a wardrobe of tropical shirts. Not only do they project breezy, laidback vibes, they look awesome, especially when you’re hanging at a beach bar or rolling in a pack with your Bros on a bachelor party. Great Hawaiian shirts like the ones from Kenny Flowers effortlessly transition between day and night – You can roll up to the pool or the dance floor wearing the same Aloha shirt. And they’re ultra lightweight, hanging loose and mellow on your body, like the men’s clothing equivalent of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” at a tropical happy hour.

Kenny Flowers makes some of the best Hawaiian shirts out there, whether you need a party shirt for Floral Friday at the office or bachelor party Hawaiian shirts for your whole squad. Kenny Flowers designs show that you’re not afraid to get your Burt Reynolds on and let a little chest lettuce fly.

All Kenny Flowers shirts contain the following, made in Bali – the home to great tropical shirts.

  • 100% Cotton or 100% Rayon
  • Regulaxed fit
  • Coconuttons
  • The Sunglass Loop
  • Double stitched, double trouble
  • Designed with local artists
  • Made in Bali

The latest and greatest Kenny Flowers shirts for summer 2019 are here, from flamingo print to The Purridise, a leopard print shirt that shows your true party animal.

Note that the model is 6’0, wearing a size large.

Mahalo and best wishes out there.


The Waka Flockers – Slim

Is it just me or are flamingos EVERYWHERE this summer? Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs would be proud. This 100% cotton shirt is the ultimate party shirt for the season. Young enough for you and your dad.



The Coconut Groove – Black

You know how you have that go-to shirt that just puts you in the mood to have a good time today? This is that shirt. You can’t have a bad day when you’re wearing a breezy, 100% Rayon shirt with palm trees all over it. Order that tiki bar Mai Thai and chill.



The Purradise – Short

You know what song’s a certified banger? “Jungle Love”, by Morris Day and The Time. Ultimate sweaty dance floor anthem. Crank it like Jay and Silent Bob would 15 years ago.

You know exactly who you are and exactly why you need this shirt, you party daddy. Get humid, get sweaty out there, you purrrrty cat.



The Dan Marino

Finally, a wild ’80s print cotton shirt inspired by the best Hootie and the Blowfish songs of all time, even if the Dolphins make you cry.



The Coconut Groove – White

I’m telling you – Palm trees just put you in a better mood. Guaranteed mood enhancer, always.



The Miami Ice

Ever stare at an old Pan-Am travel advertisement for Havana or an island in the South Pacific, where the beach is soft and surf barrels perfect? The Miami Ice features a “daquiri/colada blend”, which harks back to your grandfather’s days of romantic tropical wanderlust.



The Sonic Bloom

I’m just here to confirm what you already know: You will own the dance floor and every single karaoke night ever in a shirt inspired by Sega glory years (…and, dare I say, Tom Cruise-era Cocktail?)



The Coconut Groove – Blue

The palm trees just do a thing to a man. You might not know how to play baccarat before wearing this shirt. But that’s not going to stop you from walking up to the table, slapping down a couple hundred bucks, and trying your damndest to learn the game. Because that’s the kind of confidence palm trees instill in a man.



The Mint Julep

No such thing as a bad summer day for seersucker. Made of 100% seersucker, the only attire a true man can wear at the Belmont or Saratoga in August. Polish up those those summer boat shoes, this shirt is your new day rage shirt.



The Montauk 

Look, man. We get it. You hang out at Surf Lodge and have opinions on the best times to take the LIRR all the way out east to the end of the line, avoiding the Friday hellscape of Hamptons traffic. But once you’re out there, you chillax in only the truest of classic Bro ‘fits.


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