The Internet Went Crazy With All Of The Bachelorette Contestant Lookalikes From Clare And Tayshia’s Season

Tayshia Adams Bachelorette

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If you haven’t watched this season of the Bachelorette, let me catch you up. 39-year-old Clare Crawley began the year as the Bachelorette and fell in love almost instantly with a guy named Dale. She and he spent the next few shows sneaking off behind the other men’s backs, Crawley decided that she was no longer interested in anyone else and shut it down. Dale was put on the spot after he was informed of her decision not to finish out the season, he proposed, and the two are very happy with one another since, so they say. Whether the feelings are truly mutual, true or not, ABC needed to recast and brought in 29-year-old Tayshia Adams. Her journey to find love began this week with an introduction to the group of men.

As is tradition, the internet let the contestants have it. Twitter exploded with lookalike comparisons for a few guys. Here are the standouts.

Let’s start with the guy who helped to blow things up in the first place:

Sticking with the animation theme:

A dude named Ed has quickly become one of the internet’s favorite characters:

The best of the rest: