Karen Gillan’s ‘Avengers’ Gift, RDJ’s Odd Sense Of Humor Lead Today’s Best Celebrity Instagrams

best celebrity instagams

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Every day dozens and dozens of rich and famous celebrities share pictures, videos, jokes, gear and other goodies to their Instagram accounts. There is literally so much going on with so many people that there’s almost no way the average bro can keep tabs on it all. So, because we care, we do it for you so you can waste your time at work, at home or wherever you may be in a much more efficient manner. After all, if you’re going to be wasting time, you want to do it right.

Here are the best celebrity Instagram posts we saw on the internet today…

Karen Gillan finished her work on Avengers parts 1 and 2, received a parting gift.

RDJ and his ‘No. 2’ pencil, ladies and gentlemen…

Totally normal.

This is pretty much how my breakfast looked this morning too.

How you know that you’ve officially made it.

This also counts.

The perks of being a professional athlete are solid.

Even for a mediocre one.

So are the perks of being a semi-successful actress.

And being a NASCAR driver.

And being born into tremendous wealth.

Here’s another example of that…

And another…

She gets paid to do stuff like this.

He’s back.

So is he.

Priyanka Chopra hung out with Marlee Matlin.

Todd Gurley hung out with ‘The Nature Boy.’

Ludacris hung out with Steven Spielberg.

Javale McGee hung out with Dre.

Kyle MacLachlan hung out with these guys.

Reggie Bush visited The Tree of Life.

A mudslide visited Oprah.

TFW you never have to worry about money.

Or can just make money doing this…

Tiger is v. excited.

I should have been a model.

Then again…

Ashley Tisdale works out.

So does Tim McGraw.

And Deshaun Watson.

Christie Brinkley has a way better view than me.

So does Randall Cobb.

And Nicole Scherzinger.

And John Barrowman.

Michael Keaton has a very good dog.

So does Jay Cutler.

Aimeé Teegarden has one too.

Nice collection, Gio.

I should have worked harder at golf as a youth.

Good one, Conor.

Learn how she made it, bros.

Twins are fun.

That’s… a lot of wine.

Nailed it.

Great. Now I’m hungry.

Today’s celebrity words of wisdom…

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