‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Has Spawned The Creation Of SO MANY Memes And They’re All SO Good

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best stranger things 2 memes


Stranger Things season 2 has only been out for just a few days, but thanks to some of the crazy and ridiculous things it contained it’s already produced a truckload of the funniest memes of 2017.

Spoilers below, because DUH.


Pretty much nothing in the show has been off limits when it comes to making new Stranger Things memes, but the king of them all has to be Jim Hopper, the Hawkins Chief of Police, showing off some of his sick dance moves while in the cabin with Eleven.

In fact, it’s so amazing that a Twitter account, @hopperdancingto, has created completely dedicated to Hopper dancing to a whole assortment of songs.

But first, how funny is this? Hopper himself created his own meme of himself and Steve.

“So sick of these slick, handsome reboots. This nostalgia…Hollywood is just fresh out of ideas. Watch the original. #Stopper #Hopeve #strangerthings2 #mytwodads,” David Harbour captioned the photo.

Okay, back to Hopper dancing. You name it, he’ll dance to it.

So good and so funny that even Chief Hopper himself just had to reply…

So did the scene’s director Shawn Levy…

But wait, there’s so much more. Check out some of these other terrific reactions and memes…


I feel you, @nicghoul, I feel you.

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