Take A Terrifying Virtual Ride On The World’s Biggest, Fastest Dive Roller Coaster And Goes Underwater


Records are meant to be broken. The Yukon Striker is set to be the world’s fastest dive roller coaster. And the world’s longest dive roller coaster. And the world’s tallest dive roller coaster. Oh yeah, and it also goes underwater. Are you ready for this?

The Yukon Striker will open in early 2019 at Canada’s Wonderland and will be the 17th roller coaster at the theme park in Ontario. This behemoth will attempt to scare the crap out of you with a thrilling 245-foot cliff-drop that will send you speeding at 80 mph, the fastest dive coaster in the world.

The 90-degree drop is the steepest incline on any roller coaster ever. To really cause you to soil your skivvies, the Yukon Striker will stay motionless at the top of the drop for a paralyzing three seconds.

The Yukon Striker features 3,625-feet of winding and horrifying metal track, making it the longest diver coaster on the planet. This is Canada’s first dive coaster.

But if the 90-degree free fall wasn’t terrifying enough, the thrill ride will shoot through an underwater tunnel only to emerge and scream around a 360-degree loop.

“This is the largest capital investment we’ve made in our park since opening,” Wonderland’s General Manager Norm Pirtovshek said in a press release. “We’re excited to offer world-class thrills and a truly unique experience for our guests next year.”

Now try to watch this POV video of the Yukon Striker and decide if you’ve got the cajones to take on this scream machine.

The Yukon Striker claims the title of the world’s longest/fastest/tallest dive coaster from Cedar Point’s Valravn in Sandusky, Ohio.

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