10 ‘Black Panther’ Fan Theories That, If True, Will Somehow Make The Movie Even Better

by 1 year ago
Black Panther Fan Theories

Marvel Studios

We certainly do love us some good fan theories, don’t we? Especially when it comes to Marvel and/or DC Comics movies.

And when it comes to Marvel movies, right now there is no Marvel movie hotter than Black Panther (at least until Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters). In addition to breaking all sorts of box office records, it was just announced on Tuesday that Black Panther is now the most tweeted about movie ever having just passed the 35 million tweets mark, beating out both Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

So it’s hard to imagine that there’s anything out there that could possibly make Black Panther better. However, that might just be the case if any of these fan theories below do turn out to actually be true.

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