‘Black Triangle’ UFO Spotted Orbiting The Sun On NASA Video: ‘This Is An Alien Space Station’

Black Triangle UFO Spotted In The Suns Orbit On NASA Video


Recent video taken from a NASA feed appears to reveal yet more video evidence that aliens are monitoring our solar system.

The footage appears to show a “black triangle” UFO orbiting the sun. Even stranger, this “black triangle” UFO has apparently been there for several months.

First discovered in September of 2019 by UFO and alien expert Scott Waring, this mysterious object was spotted again two months later, in November of 2019, only having somehow changed direction.

“This is 100% proof that aliens exist and NASA isn’t doing its job,” Waring said at the time.

Fast forward more recent to NASA footage recorded by Waring on March 13th, and…

The object is still there. Some people try to say its not a craft, but a dark spot on the sun…which is not possible…since the sun is rotating below the UFO, but the UFO only moves slightly to left and sometimes to the right. So clearly it’s in orbit. The dark triangle may have been there for a long time. I went back as far as 9 months and its still there! Perhaps its been there all along and NASA was just hoping that none would notice a moon size space ship in our sun’s orbit.

Waring added in the video commentary, “Is this the home of the Dark Knight satellites? Maybe some kind of dark black space station out there? Something that the United States military doesn’t want us to know about?

“My best guess is an alien space station that’s in orbit around the Earth’s sun,” he continued. “It’s just sitting there. How could this UFO be so close to the sun and not be heated up? The fact that it’s black shows us that it’s cold, that it’s not hot. Now, only alien tech can get that close to the sun without being destroyed.”

Take a look and see what you think…

Is that an alien space station orbiting our sun? Someone out there knows for certain because…

the truth is out there


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