Bob Menery Breaks His Silence On Leaving ‘Full Send’ Podcast, Says He ‘Built The F–king Thing’

Bob Menery Breaks His Silence On Leaving 'Full Send' Podcast, Says He 'Built The F--king Thing'

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Bob Menery has been one of the biggest names in social media for years. He amassed a massive following for himself, primarily in the golf world, before linking up with the Nelk Boys to build the Full Send podcast empire that he is now no longer a part of, something that happened very recently.

Bob Menery sat down with Tim Bader aka Timmy Bounceback or Bounceback Timmy on the first episode of Menery’s new Ripper Magoos podcast. And he shares a lot about what’s happened recently, why he’s no longer with Full Send, if there’s bad blood, and everything else. Menery does stop short of saying whether he was fired or if he quit but based on some of his comments below it sounds like the former. At one point, Menery says he believes they used him until they didn’t need him anymore and claims he has the fact to back this up.

I’ve transcribed a lot of the conversation below. I encourage you to read through it all to see what Bob Menery has to say. He believes he built the ‘Full Send’ podcast and was used by them and if you’re a fan, you should listen to his side of the story.

UPDATE: Bob Menery on Kyle Foregeard and Nelk split

In a since-deleted tweet, Bob Menery wrote “You asked for my side of the story. This is my side. Closing arguments. Look forward to moving on.”

It’s unclear exactly why Bob deleted that tweet but he said that while sharing this video. It is his latest vlogging effort and he has guest Scott Wilson on his show to discuss.

The video is a full 50+ minutes long. So it’s really only for the diehard Bob Menery who have followed this saga along the way. And if you’re just now learning about this, there’s a full explanation on Bob Menery’s split with Nelk Boys below. But here is the latest:

Bob Menery Breaks His Silence On Leaving ‘Full Send’ Podcast

Bob Menery: “Obviously we had our old show, the ‘Full Send Podcast’ that we were a part of. And I don’t think that situation is ever going to fix itself. I want to talk about that though and how that whole entire deal went and the pros and the cons to that…”

Timmy Bounceback: “There’s no cons.”

Bob Menery: “Honestly, see Timmy this is where you can’t comment because you don’t know the ins and outs of what I went through and how it all went down. I don’t want to talk about it on this one. For this show I just wanted to sit here, I wanted to get back on the mic again.”

“Next episode we’ll dive into that s–t because I know a lot of people were concerned because we put our heart and soul into that whole entire show with Kyle and built that thing from the ground up and we’re no longer on the show. And I think that does need to be addressed because I’m always straight up with everyone that f–ks with me and follows me and what not and I think they deserve an answer as well.”

Around the 10:50 mark…

Bob Menery: “The Full Send thing, I will miss that. I will miss the Full Send podcast a lot. It was a good run. And the good news is this, I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m sitting back and know I’m 100% right about everything, pretty much.”

Timmy Bounceback: “I don’t know I cant’ get into it, those guys have been nothing but loyal and kind and nice to me. I don’t know…”

Bob Menery: “Well, because you were never in real business with them. You were in like one-off independent contractor s–t. At the end of the day, I guess they showed me and are 1-and-0 up on me on the business front but when it comes to the friendship card I think that’s revoked.”

Timmy Bounceback: “Oh, come on…”

Bob Menery: “No, that’s just my honest feeling. I’m not being like soft or anything it’s just like dude… I’m scorned for a LOT of reasons, buddy. Don’t even get me started.”

Timmy Bounceback: “I’m getting you started, that’s why I’m here.”

Bob Menery: “Don’t even get me started… I am… We will talk about that next time around.”

Timmy Bounceback: “Well why don’t we talk about this… How about when you say to me…’I have no idea what a podcast is and you’re like dude, Kevin Connolly is going to drive you and me down to the studio down in Venice’ (CA) and I have no f–king idea and you’re like ‘we’re just going to go into the studio and we’re going to talk.’ I still remember that day because we were f–king on fire and that’s where the birth of the Ripper Magoo came from. I mean Kevin was like ‘you guys f–king crushed that.'”

Bob Menery: “Obviously we’re very good at what we do. This podcast stuff, I think what my specialty is is talking to people….”
(talking over each other)

Here’s where the conversation takes a turn and he discusses where things stand right now

Bob Menery: “(11:55) Bro, for that Full Send podcast, I built the f–king thing with Kyle. You know, I built it. There’s no debate there. We brought in, I mean… Like I said, I gave my all. When I talked to Kyle too about doing this show originally I wanted to be able to help bring the show and them more mainstream. You know because they had their prank videos and they were obviously evolving into the seltzer stuff and all that different stuff.”

“But my goal was, they were like YouTube guys, right? And I had a lot of mainstream connections. I had a lot of big guests, people that I knew. Kyle obviously had a very big YouTube following and whatnot but I had a huge f–king following myself too and so it was just a good partnership. And when I signed that deal with them I was very lenient with a lot of stuff because I rely on people’s words. And your word is everything to me. So if I say something maybe it’ll be a little bit delayed but I do it. You know? And that’s just not the case with this. So when push comes to shove obviously we are just no longer working together.”

Bob Menery ‘They Used Me’

Timmy Bounceback: “The Full Send‘s going to go on, do you think it’s going to be better or worse with you not on it?”

Bob Menery: “My honest opinion? I think that the show is not going to be worse, it’s just going to be different. Now that we already have… Here’s the thing about their guest situation, they’re going to be able to get whoever the f–k they want going forward because we already built the blueprint of it all, we built the backbone of it.”

“Basically what I think they did… and that’s business, is they just used me until they didn’t need me anymore. That’s what they thought… I know for a fa-… I tell you what, I know. How about this, Timmy? I f–king know and I’m sitting here 100% f–king right. Anybody can say whatever they want, I have it backed up with facts.”

Menery says he’ll dive into what actually happened in the second episode of his new Ripper Magoos podcast. You can subscribe here on Spotify or here on Apple Podcasts. Or just check Bob’s Instagram for updates there.

More on the Bob Menery x ‘Full Send’ x Nelk Split

Weeks after the initial discussion, Bob Menery has been working to build the new ‘Ripper Magoo Podcast’ YouTube page. It currently sits at just over 7.19K subscribers.

Menery’s first video was announcing the channel. And since then he’s featured hour-long interviews with rapper Bobby Shmurda and retired NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Here is that full discussion between Bob Menery and Bobby Shmurda as he breaks out on his own with the Ripper Magoo Podcast:

And Bob Menery just uploaded his newest interview with Antonio Brown:

Third episode of ‘Ripper Magoo’ Podcast With Bob Menery

For the third episode of the Ripper Magoo podcast with Bob Menery, he’s got guest Chris Brickley who is an ‘NBA training legend’. Brickley has trained NBA stars Trae Young and Kevin Durant along with celebrities like Drake and J. Cole.

Bob Menery and Chris Brickley discuss making the jump to the NBA from high school, LeBron James, top 5 NBA players, working with J. Cole, and a lot more. Let’s goooo:

Bob Menery is joined by the legendary former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill for his latest interview

Bob Menery’s latest guest is Robert O’Neill, a former member of the elite Navy SEAL unite known as SEAL Team Six and the man famously credited with being the individual who killed Osama Bin Laden.

The two Bob’s discuss O’Neill’s journey to becoming a Navy SEAL and he shares a story of the time he nearly died. This is a pretty wild interview and one that’s definitely worth checking out:

If you’re still curious about Robert O’Neill’s life and career, check out this interview he did here on BroBible with Robbie Berger aka ‘Brilliantly Dumb’ aka ‘Bob Does Sports’.

Kyle from Nelk tells his side of the story, refutes many of Bob Menery’s claims

So months after the fall out, Kyle from Nelk is telling his side of the story. On Thursday, October 6th he took to Instagram Stories to clear the air after listening to Bob Menery’s side of the story.

Menery talked at length about the ‘deal’ but According to Kyle, these are the facts:

1. Bob Menery was paid $1.2 million for 10 months of work on the show.

2. Bob Menery made 30% of all ad revenue for the Full Send podcast but at no point had any ownership in the show. This refutes Bob’s claims about show ownership.

3. Menery was being paid $7,500 per episode and they were often recording 4 episodes per month.

4. Bob Menery was making 50% of all podcast merchandise revenue.

5. ALL of Bob Menery’s travel expenses were covered including First Class air travel and 5-star hotels. As Kyle tells it, Bob wasn’t paying a single cent of his own money at this time.

Kyle also adds that everything he’s ever earned from the show has gone back into the show, a claim that cannot be verified at this time.

Another claim of Bob Menery’s is that he ‘built the f–king thing’. Kyle provided a list of guests that Bob got, the show got, and Dana White got. It doesn’t really fit with the ‘Bob got all the guests’ narrative if you believe what Kyle is saying here:

Bob Menery Breaks His Silence On Leaving 'Full Send' Podcast, Says He 'Built The F--king Thing'

Kyle then goes on to say that he “considered Bob one of his best friends”, a claim that seems pretty obvious based on how they seemed in public for months. Kyle then alludes to having a lot of ‘personal details’ that he won’t reveal but he does say that ‘behind the scenes, his behavior became completely uncontrollable’.

Kyle then goes on to say that Bob approached him with a ‘new deal’ and expected it to be signed within 24 hours, the day before ‘The Game’ episode. Obviously, that wasn’t enough time. Kyle invited him to the episode still but Bob apparently refused and that’s when things all fell apart.

Full video of what Kyle from Nelk had to say here

Bob is already refuting some claims on Instagram and Kyle has already responded:

Dana White gets into the mix

UFC President Dana White is close with Nelk and has since tagged Bob Menery on Instagram, asking Bob to keep his name out of his mouth. Bob’s way to old and wealthy to be dealing with this nonsense…

And after all of that, Bob Menery himself issued a sort of apology on Instagram stories. Here’s what Bob had to say after the messages/videos from Kyle and update from Dana White:

Bob Menery apology to Nelk

Instagram / Bob Menery

Kyle from Nelk reveals why he didn’t want the Bob Menery drama to go public

After a few days (weeks?) of both sides cooling down, the drama hasn’t fully subsided. And Kyle from Nelk is now revealing why he never wanted the Bob Menery drama to go public in the first place.

In the October 17th episode of Full Send, Kyle revealed why Jesse left Nelk and also touched on the Bob Menery aspect of things. Kyle said “that really ate me up for a whole week. When Bob posted that TikTok, I was just like dude, what the f–k? That, to me, was something I did not want to do and I did not enjoy doing at all.”

The conversation didn’t stop there and Kyle from Nelk added “just like all the hate that comes in, it’s something that I’ve never really experienced. All our comments are like ‘this video sucks, this video is not funny’ but this one was different because it was like personal attacks on me, which I was not used to like ‘you’re a snake, you f–ked your boy’ and then you kind of like believe it for a second, so I had to take a step back.”

Here is that video clip of Kyle from Nelk discussing the Bob Menery TikTok that really ate him up inside:

How did Bob Menery become so successful as ‘The Man With The Golden Voice’?

I thought it would be important to include this YouTube episode titled ‘The Struggle Behind Overnight Success’ with Bob Menery. It is two years old but it does a great job depicting the quick rise in success of Bob Menery and how he grappled with all of the moving parts of the Entertainment industry.

Here he speaks with Ed Mylett about how he woke up one day with thousands upon thousands of notifications on his phone. It was Bob Menery’s first real ‘viral’ moment. And it was the moment that would forever change his life and put him on the path towards all of the success and entanglements listed above:

In the episode, Bob Menery discussed being homeless and caddying before he got a taste of success.

Bob Menery: “I’ll tell you what, caddying was one of the most amazing jobs that I’ve ever had in my life. Believe it or not, (I truly) miss it. … My father always stressed, ‘The most important thing is, getting up early and being the first one in and the last one to leave, regardless of what you’re doing.’ So even in the caddy yard, I would do that. I would be there at 5:00AM. And when we were done, and everybody wanted to go home, I was like, ‘Let’s go another round.’”

The moment that changed everything:

Bob Menery: “I sat down (at a bar) and the man to my left I didn’t know [at the time], but I will never forget his name. David. … (When he asked what I did, I pulled) out the voice, and guess what Dave did? He pulled out the camera. … The next morning, it was like, ‘What the fuck’s going on here? Who died? Did I get the job at Larry’s? What’s going on?’ And I witnessed firsthand what it’s like to go viral in an instant.”

This quote from Bob Menery in that episode above is pretty telling. It puts into perspective where Bob’s career is at this moment as he’s building new projects after leaving the Nelk Boys and the Full Send podcast:

“The hardest part is starting anything. It’s the hardest thing in the world. Once you start, once you get a little momentum and whatnot, the sky’s the limit.”

I will continue to update this article as more information surfaces in the coming days.