British Guy Writes Comical Series Of Tweets Describing All 50 US States, Without Using Google

British Guy Tweets Descriptions Of All 50 States Without Using Google

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Sometimes the most random things on the internet that are the most entertaining.

A perfect example of this comes to us today from a man in Britain who randomly decided to write a comical series of tweets describing what he thinks each U.S. state is known for without using Google for help.

“I, a British person, will now list all 50 states of the USA and what I believe they’re famous for without googling. Alphabetical order if you’re looking for a particular one. A thread:” tweeted @human_not_bees.

He gets the ball rolling with the thing for which he thinks the state of Alabama is most well-known.

While that one might not be 100 percent correct, he did get pretty darn close for a few of our states despite his obvious lack of state knowledge.

“To the best of my knowledge Alaska is famous for being in Canada.”

“To the best of my knowledge Arizona is famous for being where Satan vacations to get some heat.”

“To the best of my knowledge Arkansas is famous for literally nothing.”

“To the best of my knowledge Georgia is famous for being on the end of some TV shows we see over here and maybe has peaches.”

“To the best of my knowledge Iowa is famous for corn and nothing else.”

“To the best of my knowledge Michigan is famous for having a city that made enough cars that everyone could leave.”

“To the best of my knowledge Nevada is famous for losing all your money in the desert.”

Of course, there were some U.S. states that he struggled with figuring out what they’re famous for doing or having. Here are some of his state descriptions that, while mostly inaccurate, are still pretty darn funny.

“To the best of my knowledge Colorado didn’t exist until they invented weed a few years ago.”

“To the best of my knowledge Kentucky is famous for the chicken fast food places.”

“To the best of my knowledge Massachusetts is famous for Matt Damon movies.”

“To the best of my knowledge Missouri is famous for having a place called Kansas City just to confuse people.”

“To the best of my knowledge Montana is famous for being a mountain people live on.”

“To the best of my knowledge North Carolina is famous for inventing the phrase ‘Is Pepsi OK?'”

“To the best of my knowledge Oregon is famous for being named after a herb. Other than that, this whole place is news to me.”

“To the best of my knowledge South Carolina is famous for getting merc’d by nature on the regular.”

“To the best of my knowledge Tennessee is famous for saying “I do declare” and people fanning themselves on their porches.”

“To the best of my knowledge Virginia is famous for tricking me, as I thought it was one of those states where there’s a north and south because of that song. I was expecting to have to deal with East and West Virginia separately.”

“To the best of my knowledge Washington is famous for not being Washington DC which is elsewhere and not a state, but also not a town. I think Washington (this one) is where Frasier lives.”

If I left your state off the list it’s because I didn’t think it was that funny, but do feel free to check out the entire Twitter thread here and see if I was mistaken.

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