Charles Barkley Shares A+ Story About Coach K’s Daughter And Some Beers While With The Dream Team

Charles Barkley Shares Story About Coach Ks Daughter And Some Beers


  • Charles Barkley shared numerous stories about the ’92 Dream Team in the season finale of The Steam Room with coach Mike Krzyzewski.
  • One of the stories involved Chuck, Coach K’s daughter and several beers that had Barkley scared to run into Krzyzewski the next day.
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In the season finale of The Steam Room, Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley were joined by Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski. During the episode, Barkley and Coach K shared numerous stories about their time with the 1992 Dream Team including one tale about how Chuck was responsible for Krzyzewski’s daughter getting her hands on some beers while they were in the team hotel.

“I’ve never been this scared in my life,” Barkley begins his story. “So we’re playing on the Dream Team, and one of coach’s daughters asks me, ‘Charles, can I go get a couple of beers out of your minibar?’ Scottie, Michael, me, and Magic played cards every single night. So his daughter says, ‘Charles, can I go get a couple of beers out your minibar?’ I said, ‘Of course.’ I give her my key. I go to the room about five hours later … my minibar is empty. I said, “Oh, sh-t.’

“I said all my miniatures are gone, the couple of beers, I thought she was going to get a couple of beers for her and her little girlfriends. I get back, my minibar is completely empty.”

It was at that point that Charles Barkley figured his goose was cooked.

“I get to practice the next day. Coach K is on one end (of the floor), I’m on the other end,” Barkley continued. “Coach K comes to the other end, I’m circling to the other end. I don’t want to get close to this man.”

“It’s true. It’s a true story,” Krzyzewski confirmed.

“After practice coach says, ‘Uh, can I talk to you?’ I said, ‘Yes, sir, coach, I’m so sorry. She said she was only going to get a couple of beers’

“And he says, ‘It’s alright, it wasn’t your fault. It was her fault.'”

Barkley, Ernie and Coach K also discussed Duke’s succession plan for after this next season when Krzyzewski retires, how much Charles dislikes college athletes getting paid, Charles’ experience playing against Coach K while he was in college at Auburn, what responsibilities Dream Team coach Chuck Daley gave Krzyzewski as an assistant, the mythical game where a groupd of college players “beat” the Dream Team in a scrimmage, and how little Michael Jordan actually slept.

“Hey, Ernie, it’s unbelievable,” says Charles. “He would play like 36 holes a day after practice and do the same thing every day. I’ve never seen a guy who never sleeps and play with that level.”