Maybe We Need To Stop Having Chick-fil-A Delivered During These Troubling Times


iStockphoto / jetcityimage

Maybe a little bit of a hot take here, but as we are all hammering down on delivery orders during this quarantine, I realized Chick-fil-A has no business being delivered.

Look you are going to find in the video below that there is no great advocate for Chick-fil-A than myself. You simply can not beat it. But I think we are doing ourselves and the GOAT a total disservice by ordering it delivery. Chick-fil-A is a flat out experience, there is nothing like going through that drive-through and seeing that ear to ear employee smile even when you ask for a ridiculous amount of extra sauce. It is truly an experience like no other.

Not only is food just never as good delivered, but it would be like ordering take out from Benihana, ya just can’t do it. Leave deliveries to the Popeyes of the world, damn good food with very little experience. Just some thoughts and advice for you folks as we continue on this quarantine journey together.

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