Chris Hemsworth — Yes, THOR — Reveals Why He’s Intimidated Of Chris Pratt


Ah, the Chrises. We actually ranked the Chrises not too long ago. Chris Evans came in first, Hemsworth in second, Pine in third, and Pratt in fourth (although I could be talked into swapping Pine and Hemsworth).

Two of the Chrises, Hemsworth and Pratt, have actually been kickin’ it recently, as the pair is down in Australia shooting the fourth Thor film, Thor: Love and Thunder.

In a recent interview with GQ AustraliaHemsworth discussed what it’s like working with the comedic-leaning Pratt, and how his acting talents actually have him — THOR — feeling intimidated.

It’s the level of anticipation pervading the Sydney-based set of Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth installment of the blockbuster Marvel series reimagined by director Taika Waititi, that is currently energizing Hemsworth. In addition, of course, to co-star Chris Pratt’s improvisation skills. “The guy is wildly impressive with the spontaneity and the humor and the things he comes up with. It’s both funny, inspiring and intimidating.” [via GQ Australia]

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In addition to Hemsworth and Pratt, Academy Award winner Christian Bale is set to star as the film’s villain, Gorr the God Butcher, while Academy Award winner Natalie Portman is set to return to the franchise as Jane Foster, who will reportedly take on the mantle of Lady Thor. With Love and Thunder, Thor will become the first Marvel Cinematic Universe character to get a fourth solo film. And given Hemsworth’s decade-long run as the God of Thunder, it could also be his last.

At this time, Thor: Love and Thunder is currently scheduled to hit theaters in the United States on February 11, 2022.

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