UFC Legend Chuck Liddell Explains Why ‘Entourage’ Was His Favorite Cameo Of All Time

Retired UFC fighter Chuck Liddell with his fists up

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Back in the day, Chuck Liddell was considered one of the most feared strikers in the UFC. His knockouts were brutal and his championship fights against Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, and Wanderlei Silva put the UFC on a trajectory to a mainstream sport beloved across America.

A staggering 13 of his wins over his 12 year career were delivered via knockout, making him one of the most feared fighters of the era.

Chuck Lidell’s movie and TV appearances

Outside the octagon, Liddell parlayed his star-power into a hodgepodge of acting paychecks. He played “Tough Guy” in 2001 stoner comedy How High. Lidell also had an uncredited role as a cage fighter in 2003’s Cradle 2 the Grave. In addition to his original appearance as a coach on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, Lidell also shows up in episodes of Bones, Workaholics, Hawaii Five-0, Criminal Minds, and The Simpsons, along with Nickelback’s 2007 music video for the song “Rockstar”.

But few Liddell appearances were as iconic as the one in HBO’s Entourage. It happened in 2007, at the height of the show’s popularity (the same year it won four Emmys… which Entourage repeated in 2008).

The UFC Hall Of Famer shows up as himself in the Entourage episode Gotcha! in Season 3B. Liddell is part of an elaborate subplot with Johnny Drama, who agrees to do a Punked-esque show called Gotcha! hosted by Pauly Shore. Liddell and Drama beef through the show, with Drama ending up in the octagon begging for mercy from the four-time heavyweight champion.

It’s a classic Entourage moment, with Turtle telling the crew that Pauly will hook them up with the footage to relieve Drama’s humiliation over and over again.

Chuck Lidell on his famous Entourage appearance

Liddell recently discussed the Entourage appearance, which is a walk down memory lane for Entourage fans.

On the JAXXON podcast, a podcast by the so-called world’s #1 men’s jewelry brand JAXXON, The Iceman explained why going on Entourage was his favorite camo of all time.

Watch it on YouTube right here or Instagram below.

He also revealed that the show’s writers basically rewrote the entire episode to feature him, along with insight about the food they had on set.

Chuck Liddell: “Oh the favorite film I’ve done? It wasn’t a film, but Entourage was probably my favorite cameo. It was actually my favorite show at the time. I was asking around, like ‘hey I just want to get on and do a cameo.’ Say hi to Vince or something. Like…. ‘Hey, what’s up? It’s Chuck, how you doing?!”

I guess the writers were like ‘if we’re going to have him on here, we’re going to write him into it. So they just rewrote it for me.

Interviewer: Our personal favorite episode of Entourage is where you’re pranking Johnny Drama. How did that happen? What’s the behind the scenes story? Anything crazy that happened?  

Those guys are great on set. It was awesome. The second day we’re in the cage. I was done early. The craft services guy was like ‘hey man, we have prime rib. It’s really good. You should stick around.’ I was like ‘ok.’ I was so glad I did. It was the best prime rib I’ve ever had. 

Interview: Your favorite thing about going on Entourage is the craft services prime rib?

Yes, on the last day. 

What a legend.

Makes me miss the good old days of hanging out with your buddies on Sunday night, hearing the HBO static sound, then the first couple riffs of Jane’s Addiction’s “Superhero.”

Take me back.

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