Creepy Clowns Have Been Invading Screenings Of ‘IT’ Including This Scaryass Motherf***er

clowns invading it screenings

Warner Bros./Twitter

Dressing up as a clown these days, regardless of the situation, takes guts. Because I know that if I saw a random clown walking around out in public for no apparent reason I, and many others, would be ready to beat his clown ass at the slightest hint of any bad intentions.

However, dressing up as a clown and attending a screening of Stephen King’s IT? To do that you either have balls the size of grapefruits or you’re just nucking futs. Either way, showing up to an IT screening dressed as a clown is literally like asking people to hit you.

That hasn’t stopped a bunch of people from doing it though. And I am not talking about special screenings where the cinemas are asking people to dress up as clowns. I am talking about, like, being the only one in the theater dressed that way.

This is acceptable. They asked for it…

These, however, are most definitely NOT okay…

This next guy even scrounged up the courage to talk to one of the clowns who was sitting there all by himself (with a red balloon, of course) in his theater…

Turns out it was this guy…

Yeah, whatever, bro.

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, the clown community is not happy with IT and are expecting some major backlash over it. So people dressing up as clowns and attending the movie? Yeah, that’s definitely not going to help. Not that I care, because fuck clowns.

At least with the upcoming Gerald’s Game, another Stephen King movie adaptation that also looks scary AF, we can watch it in the privacy of our own homes, no clowns allowed.

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