This College Party Was So Lit That The Entire Damn Floor Collapsed (VIDEO)

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Holy house party. Six people were injured at a University of North Texas homecoming party when a third floor apartment collapsed under the weight of several lit students. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured and the apartment below was empty.

UNT student, Davion Keys, was one of the dudes who feel through the floor.

“Immediately the water pipes were busted and water was coming from all over the place,” Keys told the Houston Chronicle. “I remember being in midair falling and I crawled my way to flat ground and went out the back window.”

The residents of the apartment the floor fell into were not home at the time of the incident, but they have started a GoFundMe account to raise money to replace the furniture and miscellaneous items that were destroyed in the accident. According to the GoFundMe page, the ceiling of their apartment was known to shake at times, and the police had been notified multiple times that they “feared the ceiling wouldn’t hold up” to the weight of 50-60 people dancing in a small space. The residents do not have renters insurance, so they will be tasked with footing the bill of damaged items on their own. At the time of me writing this, they have received $1,207 of their $6,000 goal.

According to the New York Post, 50 people were displaced following the incident. A general manager at the apartment complex told residents that a structural engineer will evaluate the building and those who were displaced will be reimbursed for lodging expenses.

[h/t New York Post]

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