College Professor Gets Super Pissed When No One Shows Up For His Class…Then He Realized Why

College Professor mad No One Shows Up For His online Class


A college professor was very angry that no one, not one single student, stupid millennials, showed up for the first day of his class so he sent out an angry email to let him know just how unhappy and disappointed he was. There was just one problem and it wasn’t a minor problem either as one of his students shared to her Twitter account.

The class? Yeah, it was an online class. As in, you don’t have to be there in person to take it.

“Today was the first day of class and nobody showed up. If this is how you will all act the entire semester, feel free to drop my course,” he wrote under the subject line “Disappointed.”

15 minutes later he realized his mistake…

Solid subject line on that second email. Good thing too, because the student who tweeted the emails, Lauren, went viral with over 112,000 retweets, 400,000 likes and a WHOLE LOT of funny comments and questions.


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