Taking Stock Of All Of The Biggest Trailers And Major News That Came Out Of Comic-Con This Year

jay and silent bob reboot movie trailer

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Comic-Con was this weekend out in sunny San Diego and long story, short, we got news!

I’m sure there was a time when San Diego Comic-Con happened and no one outside of the confines of the convention center knew a damn thing about it but those days are long gone. Now the event has become a hotbed for trailer drops, Marvel announcements, and so much more.

This year, we got updates on what was next for that universe after Avengers: Endgame, new trailers for the It sequel and a new Top Gun movie, plus glimpses into what upcoming seasons for Westworld, Watchmen, and Star Trek: Picard will look like.

And. So. Much. More.

Once the dust settles on the weekend, there’s a lot to digest.

So let’s give it a shot and make some early calls on how these things look and see how we’re feeling about them: hot, cold or luke(warm).

The Witcher

I see you, Netflix, trying to capture some of that Game of Thrones magic. But now the question is whether or not I see myself wanting in on the action.

Hmm, I’m not so sure.

Don’t get me wrong, it seems cool. But it seems like a lot.

Also, doesn’t it seem like all of these fantasy stories revolve around protecting some kid with superpowers? That might be an oversimplification of the genre, but from where I’m sitting, it certainly seems that way.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Luke. Very, very luke.


Well, I do like when a trailer ends with someone saying, “We’ve only just begun.”

Full disclosure here: I did not see the Watchmen movie nor have I ever read the graphic novel. So it would then be pretty obvious to anyone that had done either of those things (or both) that I have no idea what’s going on here.

I think that if I were to hunker down and watch this show, I’d be clueless at least through the first couple episodes. And that’s okay.

With that being said, based on what HBO has shown us so far, Watchmen looks dope as hell.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Luke, but that shit’s coming to a boil.


This seems like catnip for Star Trek heads and that sounds wonderful. I am not one of those people but I appreciate them and their devotion. Therefore, I’m stoked for them.

But really, this is on CBS All Access and who the hell is watching CBS All Access? They have that Good Wife-spin off and that might as well be airing on Mars.

Picard deserves better, like Amazon or Netflix.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Cold, but definitely boiling on someone else’s stove.

Top Gun: Maverick

If you’re Tom Cruise, why wouldn’t you make another Top Gun movie?

A concern with anything like this, though, is whether or not it’ll actually be good. You then have to ask yourself if someone of Cruise’s stature would waste his time with a clunker of a script when there are so many other fantastic ways he can almost die while making a movie?

That might be giving Cruise too much credit though. I have this problem with comedies. Take that Amy Poehler movie about going to wine country that came out a while back. I love Poehler and love all of the people in it. I am fans of their work and as a result, would be willing to bet money that a passion project of Poehler’s would be good.

Was it though?

No. No, it was not.

The lesson here is a simple one: Don’t trust anyone.

But come on, Tom Cruise reprising his role as Maverick? Giddy the eff up.


Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Remember what I just said about not trusting people? I would say that that advice would be applicable here. But I would also add that you should approach this one with caution.

This whole thing seems like a giant inside joke and fan service at its finest. That’s great if you’re both in on the joke and a fan being serviced, but if neither of those things apply to you, then this too shall pass and everything will be just fine.

I do like seeing Jay and Silent Bob back on screen, though. I’ve been with those dudes since first seeing Clerks all the way back in the day, and to be honest, had kind of forgotten about them, which I could be totally forgiven for seeing as how this movie is the follow-up to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (a movie that came out in 2001).

It’ll be nice to ride with them one last time.

This is the last time, right?

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Hot, but safe to touch.

Untitled The Walking Dead Movie

Guys, just call it The Walking Dead Movie. Don’t even bother coming up with a title because frankly, it’s going to be hard to find one better than The Walking Dead. That right there is a fantastic title for a project, whether it’s a comic book, television show or, yes, a movie.

However, I quit the show back in 2014 when I realized that I would be watching the majority of an episode at double the normal speed, especially anytime characters were talking. Apparently, the next casualty after mankind and civility was good dialogue.

This movie is the first of an Andrew Lincoln-led trilogy focused on his character Rick Grimes who… wait, didn’t that dude die?


Hot, Cold, or Luke? Freezing cold.


The second season of Westworld was a little bit better than the first season but still was confusing as hell. I guess that’s part of the appeal. I’m sure they’ll look to make things a little more straightforward headed into the third season, right?

Wait? Maeve is in the 1940s now?

Nevermind. This show is still a swirling mind fuck.

But that’s cool. Westworld definitely requires a level of commitment from viewers that isn’t found too much, especially in light of Game of Thrones ending. You need to really pay attention to the show and I’m down with that.

Plus, confusion aside, when Westworld really kicks into gear, it’s pretty incredible.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Hot, but in like a smart person kind of way.


Did I see the 2014 film that this series is based on?


Did I want to?

Sure, kind of.

Do I want to watch this new series, based on that movie, which chronicles the drama unfolding in a speeding train carrying the only people left on Earth after the planet froze over?

Eh, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

It does have Martha from The Americans on it and last time we saw her she was depressed and living in 1980s Russia. Nice to see she bounced back.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Cold, but wouldn’t take much time to unthaw in the microwave if needed.

His Dark Materials

It’s one thing to say you need “the services of an armored bear” and it’s an entirely different thing to ACTUALLY SHOW AN EFFIN’ ARMORED BEAR.

His Dark Materials came to play.

This is becoming one of those shows where the more I see from it or read about it, the more interested and intrigued I get. I was skeptical at first but this latest trailer may have sealed the deal for me.

And is that Lin-Manuel Miranda I see?

In my house, we call that man a national treasure (unfortunate rapping in Mary Poppins Returns be damned).

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Hot and this thing is almost boiling over.

It Chapter Two

This trailer—like the circus—is intense.

This movie takes place roughly twenty years after the events of the original and everyone seems super cool as the years have gone by, totally not still troubled by their run-ins with Pennywise.

Just kidding. That’s not true at all.

It’s also completely understandable. In some cases, run-ins with perfectly normal clowns can scar you for life. So you know, a run-in with a not-so-perfectly normal clown scarring you for life makes sense.

And for a horror movie, this film is packing some heavy hitters, with Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader all starring.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Luke, but that’s only because I’m a baby.

Lightning Round: All That Marvel News

Marvel Studios

In the wake of Avengers: Endgame, some of the most anticipated news was what Marvel had up its sleeve for Phase Four.

It did not disappoint.

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch team up for what is being described as the MCU’s first horror movie.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Hot, thank you very much.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Don’t worry, Taika Waititi is directing this one and that dude nailed Thor: Ragnarok.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Boiling Hot!!!

Black Widow

ScarJo finally gets her own movie, which will be a prequel because you know, she doesn’t exactly make it through Endgame.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? I’m hot for spycraft and international intrigue.

The Eternals

They’re like the Avengers, but God-like, or something like that. Whatever. The cast is insane, with Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, and Angelina Jolie all starring.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Hot, but needs some more time.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

I don’t know anything about this and that’s okay. I didn’t know anything about Guardians of the Galaxy and enjoyed the hell out of that.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Luke, but only because it’s simmering.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 

The MCU is kind of beta-testing The Falcon as the new Captain America on the small screen before going big. I always appreciate someone exercising caution.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Starting to boil.


Um, maybe if it was Jeremy Renner’s character from The Town playing Hawkeye I’d be more interested.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Cold because it’s been on the stove too long.


Nah, I’m good.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Still in the freezer.


Is this another streaming service?

Hot, Cold or, Luke? So cold it’s a potential weapon to fend off intruders.

Mahershala Ali as Blade

I love Ali, but as far as I know, Wesley Snipes ain’t dead guys.

Hot, Cold, or Luke? Luke, but be careful; it’s still hot to the touch.