Internet Sleuths Have Conspiracy Theories About SBF’s Cryptic Tweets And Stimulants Used At FTX

Conspiracy Theories On SBF Tweets And What Stimulants Were Used

Getty Image / Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call, Inc

The implosion of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried’s (SBF) net worth in a matter of hours has been surreal to watch unfold. SBF was recently worth as much as $26 billion. And as recently as a week or so ago he was worth an estimated $16 billion until it all evaporated into thin air, marking the largest % loss of wealth in the history of the Billionaire Index.

New details about SBF’s whereabouts and situation, FTX’s bankruptcy, and Alameda’s entanglements appear to be emerging by the minute. But Sam Bankman-Fried has himself been virtually silent since everything began to unravel which is odd given his proclivity for tweeting.

On Monday, SBF fired off a series of cryptic one-letter tweets. Internet conspiracy theorists believe they’ve figured out the purpose of these SBF tweets. They believe it was meant to mask his ‘tweet count’ from bots who track that. And the conspiracy theory suggest these SBF Tweets coincide with previous SBF tweets getting deleted. So his tweet count remained the same while old tweets that could potentially be surfaced as evidence in the future magically disappeared.

Here are those SBF tweets along with the conspiracy explanation below:

Then on Tuesday morning, this was added to that chain of SBF tweets:

Here is the viral tweet that seems to explain this current conspiracy theory about the cryptic SBF tweets:

Until SBF confirms those tweets himself, this will have to be labeled as a ‘conspiracy theory’ even if it seems pretty plausible.

Moving on, there were early reports of FTX employees using ‘stimulants’ to stay laser-focused on work when in the office. The popular Twitter handle @AustismCapital claims to have ‘extra confirmed’ that the aforementioned stimulants allegedly used by Sam Bankman-Friend in the FTX office was ‘EMSAM’.

EMSAM is a prescription drug used to treat depression and Parkinson’s and it can have VERY VERY dangerous consequences if not used properly. Here is the overview of that theory on this stimulant allegedly used in the FTX office:

Again, this is not a confirmed report. This is from some anonymous internet users who are spending every waking hour pouring over details of SBF and FTX’s downfalls. However, Sam Bankman-Fried is famously a vegan and that tracks with this:

It seems like many are trying to connect the dots between reported side effects of EMSAM, the potential that SBF was using it, and patterns that were alleged to have emerged in his behavior:

Take all of this with a grain of salt. Until SBF tweets ‘yup, everything those people are alleging on Twitter is true’ or that is discovered in court, then all of this is classified as the latest Internet conspiracy theories. But it remains fascinating to see this story unfold each day.