Floating Islands Just One More Reason Copenhagen Might Be Heaven On Earth

Copenhagen Floating Parks

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Copenhagen is a progressive city. The government is forward thinking on many issues like public urination and seem to be especially kind to drunk Uber riders.

The latest city initiative, dubbed “Parkipelago”, focuses on the function of public spaces in the city. As a way to escape the sometimes hectic days in Denmark, the town built handmade wooden platforms — or floating islands — complete with a linden tree. The islands will be launched into suitable locations around the inner harbor of Copenhagen and also find homes around “forgotten and underused corners of the harbor.”

Parkipelago is just one more reason to travel to Copenhagen. This restaurant seems like another solid reason.

Each island is designed for specific activities including simple swimming platforms, a floating sauna island, floating gardens and mussel farms and a floating café. Every island is open to all residents and guests and “all free to be explored by the increasing number of kayakers, sailors, and fishermen in the harbor.”

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