Would You Go To The George Costanza-Themed Sports Bar That Airs ‘Seinfeld’ Reruns All The Time? Of Course You Would

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A group of friends are opening up a business based on the life of George Costanza, no, it will not be a jerk store or an architect enterprise. Instead, there will soon be a sports bar named after the lovable loser from Seinfeld.

An ambitious group of restauranteurs are opening a new sports bar dedicated to George Costanza. Unfortunately the sports bar will not be named “Serenity Now,” “Summer of George,” or “Independent George.” The new bar is simply called “Costanza” and is opening on Super Bowl Sunday. The bar will hopefully feature “big salads” that don’t suffer from shrinkage.


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The sports bar, which is said to not be disturbed, depressed, or inadequate, will air Seinfeld reruns all the time. Costanza’s will feature a self-serve beer wall, happy hour deals, smoked meats, monthly eating competitions, and late-night karaoke.

But there are so many questions about the George Costanza sports bar. Will there be a rule that you have to take your shirt off when you go to the bathroom? Will they serve Twix, the only candy bar with the cookie crunch? Will they serve Pepsi over wine? Will the bar serve coffee late at night or not because it keeps many people up. Will they serve Pepsi over wine? Will they have nuts?

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Let’s hope that the owners of the Costanza bar are not quitters and don’t come from a long line of quitters so that this sports bar concept has a chance at success. If you do make reservations for this new bar, you should probably make them under the name of “Costanza” and “Cartright” just to be sure you get in.

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