Anonymous Guy Spends Almost $50K On Generators At Costco To Send To Hurricane Dorian Victims

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Hurricane Dorian had a devastating effect on the Bahamas over the last few days.

Thousands of people are still missing in the aftermath and officials are warning residents that once clean up efforts begin the worst news might be yet to come.

In times of tragedy, the world depends on the kindness of strangers, like this anonymous Costco customer in Florida.

From Men’s Health:

In light of the devastation wreaking havoc on the Bahamas, one farmer based in Florida, who has chosen to remain anonymous, walked into Costco yesterday and purchased 100 generators to be send to the islands for a whopping $49,285.70. Whoever you are, thank you. We’re sending you our virtual appreciation.

The unnamed man told CNN yesterday, “About 100 generators and a truck load of food and chainsaws are all going over by boat on Thursday to Marsh Harbour in The Bahamas. It’s terrible, and I’m sure you’ve seen the photos.”

Alec Sprague, also shopping at Costco at the time of the purchase, took a moment to appreciate the kind stranger and post the exchange to Facebook.

Sprague explains:

Was just in Cosco off Collins getting a generator (at $450 each) and this guy right here is purchasing over 100 generators and food to send to the Bahamas!

All I could do was shake his hand and thank him!

There still are good people in the world!

Hurricane Dorian is currently wreaking havoc in the Carolinas.

More help will be needed both in the Bahamas and in the United States.

Donate anything you can to the Red Cross today. Click here to donate.

[via Men’s Health]

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