The Internet Reacts To Unfiltered Dave Chappelle Joking About President Trump, COVID-19, And Dropping The N-Word On ‘SNL’

Four years after his iconic Saturday Night Live performance, Dave Chappelle returned to host the show on the same day Joe Biden was named President-elect.

On Saturday night, Chappelle was as unfiltered and uncensored as ever as he talked about President, COVID-19, and dropped the N-word several times.

Here’s the entire monologue.

And here are some Chappelle’s highlights on SNL.

Meanwhile, Chris Christie’s fat a** was in the ICU fighting for his life. Chris Christie got all the fixings. Everything Coronavirus likes to eat, that’s what’s in Chris Christie’s body.”

“I don’t know why poor whites don’t like wearing masks. You wear a mask at the Klan rally. Wear it at Walmart too!”

“Remember life before COVID? I do. Mass shooting every week. Thank God for COVID. Something had to lock these murderous whites up. and keep them in the house.” –

Chappelle ended his monologue by using the N-word which shocked viewers.

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