‘Suicide Squad’ Director Confirms Patently WILD Theory About Jared Leto’s Joker

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My faceless internet friends, there are few entertainment writers on the internet who take shots at Suicide Squad — more specifically, Jared Leto’s Joker — more than your boy Ital. It’s like a compulsive tick at this point. I simply can’t help it. Back when that “I’m gonna tell my kids this ________” meme was going around last fall (essentially a lifetime ago, I know), I immediately used it as an opportunity to lampoon Leto.

I’ve written somewhere in the neighborhood of half-a-dozen articles about Leto’s Joker this year alone, which is borderline delusional if you ask me (to be fair, the massive success of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker sort of opened the door for me — I merely just stepped through it).

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You get the point: if anyone is prepared to windmill 360 nuts-on-your-forehead dunk on Sucide Squad and Leto’s awful Joker, it’s your boy. That said, I like to believe that I’m a man of honor who gives credit where it’s due, and that, unfortunately, appears to be the case here.

After someone tagged Ayer in the below theory on Twitter, the director responded by simply saying “It’s not wrong”:

“My theory is that since Harley has been kidnapped, Joker gets random girls and has them dress up like Harley, but when he relalized they can’t compare to the real Harley, he just kills them,” the theory states.

“In the old animated series, they had a similar plot in one of the episodes. Joker hires a woman that looks almost exactly like Harley. At first, he thought it was great, but then the woman turned out to be an airhead and even called him Mister G. He pulled his gun on her and was going to shoot her, but kid cartoon rules caused his henchmen to stop him.”

I mean, look, okay… damn. That’s pretty sick. But in the demented “Joker is a psychopathic murder” sense and in the “fair play, good sir, I tip my cap to you for that subtle detail” sense.

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