David Spade Wants You To Know That He’s Seen The Kurt Cobain Mural, So Stop Sending Pics

Everyone knows David Spade’s face. So when the internet saw a mural of a man’s face with a quote attributed to Kurt Cobain, they knew immediately that it was not Kurt Cobain and it was obviously the one-and-only David Spade.

The mural, which was painted in Linz, Austria, instantly became a meme (again) and hundreds of people started sending Spade the photo of the mural. Which prompted the comedian to address the absurd mural, where he said, “everyone is sending me this.”

In fact, not only is the face on the mural not Kurt Cobain, but the quote is not actually Kurt Cobain’s either. The quote, “It’s better to burn out than to fade away” is actually a lyric from Neil Young’s song “Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black).” Cobain included the lyric in his suicide note from 1994.

The intriguing mural is the work of Lushsux, a street artist from Melbourne, Australia. He painted the mural based on this meme that’s been floating around the internet for some time now.

David Spade has seen the mural with his face on it, so you can stop sending it to him.

Here are some other examples of Lushsux’s street art.