One Of The Best Bars In The World Has Its Own Brand Of Whiskey That’s Perfect For Every Use

pouring whiskey on the rocks


Some people make it a priority to put together a list of the hot tourist attractions they feel they can’t afford to miss when visiting somewhere, but I tend to focus on one certain aspect of the experience when I travel to a new place: its drinking culture. It’s rare for me to head somewhere without having a couple of spots on my radar in the hopes the bartenders there will be able to tell me what else I’m missing out on, and it’s a virtual guarantee a visit to a brewery or distillery will be on my agenda at some point.

Living in New York City has made me spoiled when it comes to the beer and cocktail scene, with almost everyone living a short walk or ride away from somewhere that serves up basically any drink you desire—whether it’s a cheap beer and a well shot or a Manhattan made with an 18-year-old rye. I’ve gotten to explore plenty of places over the past few years, and while it’s virtually impossible to objectively name the “best” bar in the city based on all of the factors involved, but in my experience, there’s a reason The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Graug has been previously named the best bar in the world.

Whether you’re choosing from their expansive list of Irish whiskeys on the sawdust-covered ground floor or exploring a comic book full of constantly-changing cocktails in the lounge upstairs, it’s hard not to have a memorable drinking experience (unless you somehow get to a place where you stop remembering things). Now, the bar is letting you bring the experience home with an Irish whiskey perfect for anyone who’s always wanted a bottle of something named after Leonardo DiCaprio’s crew in Gangs of New York.

The whiskey, which is being gradually distributed throughout New York and New Jersey, is aged five years in bourbon barrels before being briefly transferred to virgin oak (which reportedly gives it slightly more spice than your standard Irish whiskey). It retails for $40, which is a price point that won’t make you feel as terrible about throwing it into a quality cocktail as I did when Ryan Gosling casually made Old Fashioneds with Pappy Van Winkle in Crazy, Stupid, Love. 

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