‘Deadpool 2’ Nearly Scores A Perfect 100 In Test Scenes Which Means Now Is The Time To Get Excited

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Deadpool 2 is seat to hit theaters on May 18th which is less than two months away. There were some reshoots last month in Vancouver which raised a few eyebrows. Reshoots can mean that the Director simply wants to make the film perfect or it can signal trouble in paradise. Thankfully, we now know that it in the case of Deadpool 2 Director David Leitch was just ensuring that everything was absolutely perfect before screen tests.

Jason Nawara at UPROXX is reporting that Deadpool 2 absolutely crushed the screen tests which took place only six days after the reshoots:

pecifically, it got a 98 after scoring a 91 and a 97 a few months ago. To put it in perspective, the highest rating the original had was a 91. The only question now is if this will be referenced by Deadpool himself in any upcoming marketing.
The test screenings came after six days of reshoots in Vancouver last month to reportedly supplement what previous test viewers enjoyed. (via)

Scoring a 98 on screen tests is about as good as it gets. I mean, there’s quite literally only two more points that the film could’ve scored. I know some people have been somewhat confused by the Deadpool 2 teaser trailer running in theaters right now but this score should assuage any of those concerns.

Apparently, enough people took notice of the reshoots that the actor who plays Warhead in Deadpool, Brianna Hildebrand, commented on them at MCM Comic Con to clear up any confusion about what’s possibly going on behind the scenes:

“It was nothing that had gone wrong. I think it’s a common misconception too – that people think that reshoots are to fix things that people didn’t like. A lot of the time, reshoots are to add more of the things that people loved. [Filmmakers] watch their films again and are like “better fix that”. I don’t know how much I can say about that. Usually films hate it when you talk about their reshoots – solely because people think that it’s because the film was bad for the test audience – but it was all good.” (via)

Now, all we have to do is sit back, relax, and wait the less than two months until Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18th.

You can CLICK HERE to read more about this story over on UPROXX.

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