Deadpool Is Back And He’s Giving Away Free Deadpool Tattoos And No, He’s Not Joking… We Think…

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YouTube - Ryan Reynolds

Well, it looks like anyone that was worried that the second Deadpool movie wouldn’t be marketed as cleverly as the first one can put all of those concerns to rest. Because just like the last time, Ryan Reynolds and company are already in mid-season form and Deadpool 2 doesn’t even come out until June 1, 2018.

In November we got our first sneak peek at some footage from the Deadpool sequel (plus a sweet Bob Ross impression by The Merc With A Mouth himself).

We have also seen numerous promotional photos from the sequel, with the usual sharp-tongued commentary…

And now, just to top all of that off, Deadpool is back with an offer that the people attending the Brazil Comic Con most certainly should probably maybe refuse. Free Deadpool tattoos!

He’s just joking, right? Oh, no, there’s an actual website for it. I don’t think he is.

One person who DOES appear to be ready for some new Deadpool ink is… Ryan Reynolds’ mom?