The Deepest Pool In The World Just Opened In Dubai And It Features And Underwater City To Explore

Deepest Pool In The World Deep Dive Dubai

iStockphoto / JandaliPhoto

  • The Deep Dive swimming pool recently opened in Dubai and it is officially the deepest pool in the world
  • At 196 feet deep, Deep Dive surpassed Poland’s Deepspot (147ft) as the deepest pool in the world and Dubai’s has an underwater city down there for divers to explore
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Deep Dive has just opened in Dubai and it is officially the deepest pool in the world. This remarkable pool measures 196 feet deep and has the water volume of six Olympic-sized swimming pools. It’s absolutely MASSIVE.

It would have been enough to just build the deepest pool in the world and start printing money as people pay to dive in it but this is Dubai we’re talking about. They went above and beyond. Deep Dive has a city under the water complete with “abandoned” homes and an arcade. All of these features were carefully designed for SCUBA divers to explore down there.

The Deep Dive pool will maintain a constant temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s inside of an ‘oyster shaped’ structure according to the Daily Mail and is surrounded by elaborate water features.

There’s a car down there. Various landing pads for divers to stop at. And there are a bunch of viewing portals for people to watch the divers go deep. If that’s not enough, there are 56 cameras throughout Deep Dive AND one of the most futuristic hyperbaric chambers on the planet to be used in case of emergencies.

Check it out:

I’ve never had any real desire to go to Dubai but every time they open a new attraction I’m more and more open to the idea. Deep Dive looks incredible. Of course, I’d like to go diving in the world’s deepest pool. That’s something that I didn’t even know should be on my bucket list until today and now I’m like “yup, count me in”. But would I ever actually travel all the way to Dubai just to swim in the deepest pool in the world? Probably not.

Gaining access to the world’s deepest pool won’t come cheap but that’s expected. The starting ticket price for Deep Dive is 800 Dirhams which is about $218 USD. They will also offer a range of VIP services that could ratchet that ticket price up in a hurry.