Diddy’s Son, Driving His Ferrari, Was Hit By Drunk Driver In A Tesla

Scary moment from the Combs family, as Christian Combs was involved in a car accident on Tuesday. He looks to be ok though, thankfully:

Hollywood Life– Thankfully, Christian Combs is okay. Sean “Diddy” Comb’s 22-year-old son claimed that he was “hit by a drunk driver” on Tuesday night, Aug. 4, after TMZ initially reported that Christian “got smoked in his Ferrari by a Tesla” in Beverly Hills. HollywoodLife also spoke with the Beverly Hills police information officer, who told us that the “driver of the Tesla was arrested for DUI [driving under the influence]” and that there is now “a pending investigation that will encompass the primary collision factor (PCF).”

With that out of the way, let’s focus on what really matters here.

That bandaid has a shadow. There is a shadow from that bandaid on his face. That is sorcery. Planes cast shadows upon the land below. That is because the plane is an obstacle between the sun and the land, just as the moon creates an eclipse when it is in line with the sun. For there to be a shadow upon the face of young Combs, that bandaid cannot be stuck to his face.

Bandaids are adhesive. They stick, with the exception of the cotton-padded part where your booboo is. That middle part is meant to absorb blood, to help it coagulate, and to create a spongey pad for goopy salves like neosporene. That’s the only part that should not sit flush to the face, unless the goop creates a paste that keeps it stuck. The rest of the bandaid—the sticky, adhesive wings—should sit flush.

I’ve been staring at this picture since 9AM. I have zoomed in, I’ve taken screen shots, I’ve walked away to eat blueberries and returned with a fresh set of eyes. No matter how I slice it, I cannot fathom how this bandaid is on his face.

I should probably write something about how ridiculous it is to post a “thank God I’m alive” post on Instagram with only a bandaid on your cheek. But I can’t get past the dark magic that is keeping that David Blain bandaid in place.

Whenever a Tesla t-bones a Ferrari, an occupy Wall Street protestor gets its wings.