Dr. Dre’s Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife Explains Why She Needs $2 Million A Month In Spousal Support

Dr Dres Wife Explains Why She Needs 2 Million A Month In Support

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Celebrity divorces can be pretty costly. (See Bezos, Jeff; Woods, Tiger.)

This is a lesson that one Andre Young, AKA Dr. Dre, is learning the hard way right about now.

Dr. Dre’s and his wife of close to 25 years, Nicole Young, are currently in the midst of divorce proceedings with Dre’s $1 billion empire hanging in the balance.

Young claims that the prenup she signed when she and Dre got married is invalid because, well, he ripped it up, which I am not sure is what legally makes a contract void, but I’m no legal expert.

As we learned last week, Young is seeking around $2 MILLION a month in spousal support.

That’s TWO. MILLION. DOLLARS. A MONTH. She is seeking.

Seems a bit high, but again, I’m no legal expert and I certainly have no idea what kind of expenses Young has on a monthly basis.

Thankfully in this case, Young explains in divorce papers obtained by TMZ why she needs $2 MILLION A MONTH to get by while the divorce proceedings take place.

• Laundry and cleaning: $10,000 a month

• Clothes: $135,000 a month

• Education (tuition and living expenses): $60,000 a month

• Entertainment: $900,000 a month

• Charitable contributions: $125,000 a month

• Mortgage: $100,000 a month

• Telephone, cell phone, e-mail: $20,000 a month

All in all, Young says her monthly expenses run her around $2,530,000, so asking for two mill per month is letting Dre off pretty easy.

Oh, and she also wants $5 million to cover her attorney’s fees.

Also stated in the divorce papers are claims that Dre has been controlling all of the couple’s money and won’t even let her use her American Express black card!

She claims at one point he ordered … “Do not spend one more cent … period. You can’t be mean and disrespectful and spend my hard-earned money. F*** that!!! Yes that’s a threat … I’m putting the beach house up for sale next week …”

Nicole also claims Dre is furious at her that her lawyers are trying to dig into his personal finances, threatening “war” if she persists.

On his side, Page Six reports that Young “has refused to turn over his belongings from the Malibu home where she’s staying, including his golf clubs, a motorcycle, and a registered handgun.”

His golf clubs?!!! Oh, c’mon now. A man needs his sticks! That’s just going too far.

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