This Car Crash Outside A Bank Drive-Thru Is Hard To Watch And Harder To Explain

Car Crash Outside Bank


We’ve all rolled up on car accidents and wonder “how the hell did that happen?” This captured video from Rockford, Illinois is a witness of a horrific wreck and, even with evidence, it’s still incredibly impossible to wrap one’s head around.

This Kia Sorrento driver is getting his banking in order. The brake lights are on and the driver side door opens. Suddenly, break lights go off, and the car goes barreling into oncoming traffic and goes all Dukes of Hazzard over another vehicle.

Not much is known about the accident but Jalopnik has a theory on what possibly could have gone down.

This is why I’m always skeptical when people say their cars accelerated without their control, or that their car plowed forward even when they were on the brakes. More often than not it’s a case of mixing up your pedals and keeping your foot glued in place in panic.

Possible but seems unlikely that a person would keep their foot on the wrong pedal for that long. Whatever the reason, we hope everyone walked away in one piece.

[via Jalopnik]

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