Elon Musk Claims Humans Will Soon Be Able To Communicate Using Telepathy But His Timetable Seems Way Off

Elon Musk Mind Reading

YouTube / Joe Rogan Experience

Elon Musk is a new dad. Being a father to a newborn is an exhausting job.

The baby barely sleeps, cries all hours of the day, and it takes hours just to properly pronounce his name.

Alright, that last problem is specific to just Musk and his wife, Grimes, but newborns turn lives upside down.

There’s a good chance Musk is dealing with a severe lack of sleep, which would explain some of his bizarre claims on a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

During the interview, Musk and Joe Rogan discussed things like brain implant devices to the Tesla boss’s issues with home privacy.

The discussion turned to humans being able to communicate nonverbally one day.

Musk feels strongly that we’ll all be communicating with our minds.

Rogan asked Musk, “One day in the future there’s going to come a time where you can read each other’s minds and you’ll be able to interface with each other in some sort of a nonverbal, non-physical way where you will transfer data back and forth to each other without having to actually use your mouth?”

Musk believes so.

“Our brain spends a lot of effort compressing a complex concept into words and there’s a lot of loss of information that occurs when compressing a complex concept into words. And then you say those words, those words are then interpreted, then they’re decompressed by the person who is listening.

It’s very difficult to convey a complex concept with precision because you’ve got compression and decompression. You may not even have heard all the words correctly. And so communication is difficult.”

Musk feels humans are already part-robot, comparing leaving a cell phone at home to missing a limb.

“We’re already a cyborg to some degree, right?” Musk said. “Cause you’ve got your phone, you’ve got your laptop, you’ve got your electronic devices. Today if you don’t bring your phone along, it’s like you have missing limb syndrome. It feels like something’s really, really missing.”

He’s not wrong in that assessment but it will be interesting to see the way humans interact once we’re all allowed to leave the house again.

As far as telepathy powers go, Musk told Rogan and listeners not to worry about it happening overnight.

“It’s not going to sneak up on you,” Musk said. “This will take a while.”

Musk believes non-verbal communication technology could appear in the next 5 to 10 years.

Musk is usually an optimist about when new technology will emerge but I’d like to remind the new dad that many in this country protested staying home to save lives during a pandemic.

They’re not about to give up their freedoms and let anyone “in their brain.”

Watch Musk’s entire appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience below.


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