Eminem And Dr. Dre Will Reportedly Have New Music On ‘Bodied’ Soundtrack

There’s been so much talk about Eminem and Dr. Dre working on Slim Shady’s new album, but we might get some extra new music from the dynamic duo. There are reports that there will be new music from Dre and Em on the upcoming film “Bodied,” which is a rap battle parody movie that Eminem produced and debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival last week.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Eminem and his longtime manager Paul Rosenberg (8 Mile) are putting together a soundtrack for Bodied. The cut that screened at TIFF on Sept. 7 as the opening night Midnight Madness selection didn’t have much in the way of new music, but by the time it’s bought and ready for distribution (ICM is selling worldwide rights), Eminem will contribute a number of songs to the soundtrack. The pair also has enlisted Dr. Dre for a couple of songs.

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“Bodied” was well-received at TIFF, but of course not everyone was happy. Some complained that the film used racist and inflammatory language. “The battle rap world is an underground message of free speech,” “Bodied” director Joseph Kahn told THR. “But the film doesn’t automatically take the side of free speech because there’s still the question that we’re asking: ‘Is there a limit to it?’ It’s a legitimate question.”

In other Eminem news, his new album is expected to have a collaboration with Pink. Find out more details about “Bodied” HERE.