‘Fortnite’ Gamers Are Discovering Hidden Superhero Lairs Sparking A Nuke Conspiracy (PICS + VIDEO)

fortnite lairs nuclear

Season 4 of Fortnite crashed into our world this week after a wave of comets or meteors or aliens smashed into the map. Soon after gamers discovered hop rocks that offer low-gravity and new locations on the map. Now Fortnite players are finding hidden lairs that look like they house superheroes and/or supervillains.

Gamers have discovered multiple secret locations including a mountainside lair that overlooks Snobby Shores that appears to have a nuclear-tipped missile inside sparking numerous conspiracy theories that a supervillain will attempt to nuke the area and wipe out everything and everyone on the map. Maybe the only hope is that a superhero comes along to save the day. Another theory is that a nuclear blast or leak would mutate players into monsters or turn them into mutants à la Colossus from X-Men.

The lairs have underground bunkers (Perfect for surviving a nuclear blast), command centers with advanced computer systems, a bedroom, vending machines, and even washing machines because you’ve got to keep your superhero outfit fresh and clean. Pics and videos from numerous gamers including Tyler “Ninja” Blevins show the hidden locations and all of the valuable loot that is in them.