Florida State Fans Are Not Happy With Their AD’s Comments About The ACC

An FSU logo on a flag.

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The ACC has been in the headlines of late as many of their top brands express unhappiness with the league’s media rights agreement. That deal with ESPN runs through 2036, leaving programs locked in with the conference for the foreseeable future.

What it doesn’t allow for is renegotiation, meaning those affiliates are also locked into their annual revenue split. After watching the SEC and Big Ten sign massive new media deals, Clemson, FSU, and other ACC teams are growing displeased.

When originally signed, the ACC’s partnership with ESPN seemed like a win. The league secured its TV partner of the future, leaving no room for a potential disaster like we’re currently seeing in the PAC 12.

Unfortunately for the league, the value of these deals has changed significantly since that signing. The Big Ten, for example, just signed onto a seven-year deal worth a billion dollars annually.

Still, the ACC remains stuck for another decade, plus.

Clemson and FSU voiced their dissatisfaction with the ACC’s revenue sharing setup earlier this offseason, suggesting that the league’s top teams deserved a larger cut of the pie.

They then grabbed a few more supporters to join forces, creating the “Magnificent 7.”

That group of seven members reportedly met with lawyers this week to discuss ways to break their grant of rights agreements with the conference. It led many to question the future of the Power Five league.

FSU’s AD spoke out on Tuesday about those talks surrounding the ACC, and it hasn’t necessarily eased the minds of Seminole fans.

Brett McMurphy tweeted an update, saying that the league is “discussing several revenue distribution options.” Unfortunately, it won’t get close to the money seen in the SEC and Big Ten.

Many have been quick to comment. FSU fans seem to be screaming the loudest about their AD’s remarks.

One person wrote, “That doesn’t sound very competitive,” while another said, “We can’t stay in the ACC.”

This Seminole supporter posted, “Don’t take the bait. Let’s get out of here!”

Fans of other schools aren’t necessarily happy with it either.

We’ll see what the ACC ultimately decides. It surely won’t be able to please everyone.