FTC Rules That Those ‘Warranty Void If Removed’ Stickers On Electronics Are Complete Hogwash

by 1 year ago
warranty void if sticker removed


For years you’ve seen those very official-looking stickers on your electronics that say “Warranty Void If Removed.” It turns out that those threatening labels are absolute hogwash. This news is according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that ruled that these stickers are complete bullshit. And the FTC went so far as to send letters to electronic companies to inform them that placing these stickers on their products is illegal.

If you’ve cracked open a hard drive, a game console, or a cell phone you’ll notice that there is a “Warranty Void If Removed” sticker. So most people will quickly close up the electronics as to not void the warranty. These labels are to deter customers or third-parties from meddling with the inner-workings of electronics. This compels consumers to send the product directly to the electronics company for repair. This sticker may also entice many consumers from having their old electronics fixed and result in them purchasing a brand new model to avoid the hassle. The electronic companies actually have no legal ground to enforce these ominous messages.