Twitter Hilariously Debates Whether Living In A 3 BR Apartment For $300/Month In Gotham City Is Worth It

Twitter Debates Merits Of Living In A 3 Bedroom Apartment In Gotham City

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Would you live in a three-bedroom apartment in Gotham City that costs $300 per month? That’s the question posed by a recent viral tweet that’s making the rounds on social media.

Here’s my view of the hypothetical, in case you’re interested: in the market suggested by this tweet, you could easily live in one of Gotham’s finest buildings on a regular salary. We’re talking penthouse at Wayne Tower type stuff.

Sure the risk is a bit higher but these supervillainous MFs seem more concerned with killing Batman than me. The fact of the matter is you can get hit by a bus in any city: life is guaranteed to no one regardless of the concrete jungle you reside in.

A 21-bedroom “apartment” for $2100 a month?! That’s less than I’m paying for a studio apartment right now. Bruce Wayne would be my neighbor — I’d be safe as hell! We become homies, tell him to tell Selina to bring a friend. So, yes, absolutely I’d make that move and hope for the best. At the very least, I’ll have a hell of a story to tell in heaven.

I seem to be in the minority, though, as a majority of the people who hilariously reacted to the tweet indicated that Gotham City would be the last place they’d want to settle down.

Twitter debates whether or not they’d live in a cheap 3-bedroom apartment in Gotham City

That said, if I did wind up calling Gotham City home, I’d certainly hope for a more Ben Affleck-type Batman than a Robert Pattinson Batman, or hell, even a Christian Bale Batman. If Gotham is going to be protected by a superhero, I want one that can go toe-to-toe with that boy scout over in Metropolis.

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