Guy Fires Grenade-Tipped Compound Arrow At A Car Like Real-Life John Rambo And The Explosion Is Awesome

firing a grenade tipped arrow at a car for explosion

Edwin Sarkissian / YouTube

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look if a real-life person attached a grenade to a compound arrow and shot it at a car just to watch it explode then you’ve come to the right place. YouTuber Edwin Sarkissian does exactly that in the video below.

The clip below reminded me of a Twitter thread I saw the other day about exploding helicopters in films. Did you know there have been 583 known films that feature an exploding helicopter? The first film with an exploding helicopter was Behemoth, The Sea Monster in 1959.

Samuel L. Jackson and Dolph Lundgren are tied for appearing in the most films with exploding helicopters at 11. And Dragon Wars (2007) holds the record for the most exploding helicopters in one film with nine chopper explosions.

While Edwin Sarkissian doesn’t blow up a helicopter in this clip, his compound arrow with a grenade attached completely demolishes the car and it reminded me that I wanted to share those weird helicopter stats with you bros. Edwin first shoots the car with one of his many guns and triggers the airbags before firing the grenade around the 6:45 mark of the video. Feel free to jump ahead in the video to see that.

For anyone who needs a refresher on the Rambo exploding arrow scene, you’re welcome:

I really need to find a way to convince Edwin to let me appear in one of his videos at some point because blowing stuff up in the desert like the Mythbusters but without safety restrictions seems like one of the coolest jobs on the planet.

If you enjoyed this experiment then I’ve got several more clips you’re probably going to like as well. Here is Edwin firing a .50-caliber bullet from a shotgun just to see what happens. And here he is testing ‘how bulletproof’ his grandfather’s ‘bulletproof’ Lamborghini really is. I enjoyed this video from a few months ago where he tested the strength of a SWAT shield by shooting it with arrows from a crossbow.

You can always take a cruise through his YouTube channel to see what else he’s been up to recently.