Production At America’s Biggest Candy Corn Factory Was Halted By Hackers And The Haters Are Thrilled

hackers halt Brach’s candy corn production


Whenever October rolls around, it’s only a matter of time until we’re treated to The Discourse over whether or not candy corn is good; a debate that’s essentially the “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?” of the Halloween season.

As someone who’s fairly ambivalent about the treat, I’ve never really understood people who are willing to die on a hill defending the merits of candy corn nor the many, many people who are fond of deriding it with nicknames like “spray-painted earwax” and “the fruitcake of Halloween.”

It came as no surprise that plenty of people were absolutely revolted when a Wisconsin butcher started selling sausages filled with candy corn earlier this month, and I can only assume most of them will be delighted by news concerning a recent cyberattack that targeted a confectionary company in Chicago.

According to The Takeout, Ferrara Candy experienced a disruption in production earlier this month when hackers launched a ransomware attack the company is still recovering from. The candymaker’s portfolio is home to a number of brands including Nerds, Laffy Taffy, and Fun Dip as well as Brach’s, which has an 85% stranglehold on America’s candy corn market.

It’s safe to say candy corn haters weren’t exactly heartbroken by the news.

As The Chicago Tribute notes, the vast majority of candy corn made for this year’s Halloween season was shipped to retailers back in August. As a result, if you’re a candy corn fan that’s afraid it will become the latest in a long line of products to fall victim to a shortage, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.