Man Who Threw Away Hard Drive With Bitcoin Worth Over $86 Million Wants To Dig Up Landfill Site

by 1 year ago


A few months ago we shared with you the story of Campbell Simpson, the man who threw away a hard drive that had Bitcoin on it that is now worth $16 million. The tragic story of James Howells is much more excruciatingly lamentable especially now that Bitcoin is worth $11,488. He threw away over $80 million worth of Bitcoin and now he wants to try to find it. And you thought you had some regrets.

James Howells follows the record-breaking pace of Bitcoin recently, not because he wants to invest, but rather because he had 7,500 Bitcoin back in 2013, which was about $130 at the time. Based on the recent surge by nearly all cryptocurrencies, Howells’ Bitcoin would now be worth $86,145,300. You can file that one under “Life’s Biggest Regrets.” The British man threw away the hard drive that had all of his digital currency on it. Howells, who is now an IT worker, is considering digging in the landfill site to find his modern-day buried treasure.

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