Man Threw Away Hard Drive That Had $5 MILLION In Bitcoin

Think you have some regrets in your life that still haunt you years later? Your repentant woes pale in comparison to poor Campbell Simpson.

Back in 2010, the Australian tech journalist bought $25 worth of Bitcoin, which contained 1,400 Bitcoins.

Five years ago, the Gizmodo writer threw away “an utterly generic 250GB portable hard drive” because it was a few years old and had “an audible click that would have eventually killed it.” That drive had the Bitcoins on it.

The cryptocurrency has had an explosion in recent years, and if Campbell had kept that hard drive with the Bitcoin he originally bought for $25, it would be worth nearly $5 million now.

From Gizmodo:

“As I was moving out I used the opportunity to clean up some of the accumulated tech detritus that comes with being a technology journalist. USB sticks, 3D glasses, USB cables, PC components — all that sort of literal junk. A pile of junk that went into a skip. That hard drive was in the pile, and it had that damn annoying click. I had better portable hard drives.

I didn’t need, or care about, anything on it. The photos were backed up to another portable drive, my writing was in Google Drive, the music was on my desktop PC.

So I threw it away.”

“I could have bought a house. In Sydney. At Sydney prices. I could have moved around the world or bought a goddamn yacht or something,” Campbell said.

Despite the glorious wealth he literally threw away, Campbell is doing well considering tossing a small fortune in the trash.

“I don’t even especially want to find those Bitcoin, though. I’m really happy with my life at the moment. I don’t need them. I’d like them, sure, but I don’t need them. This isn’t trying to get philosophical — the real value was in the friends we made along the way, or some crap like that — but just to say that I’ve come to terms with losing those Bitcoin. That chapter of my life is over.”

So in some landfill in Australia, there is a buried treasure worth $5 million just sitting there in the form of an old hard drive.

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