The Internet Is Being Torn In Half By An Article Claiming Ranch Has Replaced Ketchup As The Top Condiment

Has Ranch Replaced Ketchup As The New Condiment Of Choice


An article published this week by AdAge has the internet, once again, taking sides.

The article claims ranch dressing has replaced ketchup as the condiment people prefer to use the most, based on some not-at-all biased information provided by Clorox Co. — the company that owns Hidden Valley Ranch.

According to Clorox Co., marketer of category-leading Hidden Valley Ranch, 70 percent of ranch usage now happens beyond the salad bowl – including for dipping pizza, French fries and popcorn. Ranch has also displaced bleu cheese as the dipping sauce of choice for wings, says Jacquie Klein, director of the brand studio that oversees Hidden Valley marketing.

“Ranch is a rising iconic flavor in food and culture today,” said Klein. “It’s found on more than half of restaurant menus and in 75 percent of homes in the U.S. It’s really embedded in our culture. We have more than 5 million Twitter conversations a year. We always love to see Hidden Valley Ranch fountains at weddings and mini-kegs at backyard barbecues.”

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Hidden Valley, the leader in the ranch category, reportedly had around $550 million in sales during its most recent fiscal year. Ketchup brands combined reportedly had $833 million in sales. So maybe they’re not wrong?

The article also states that salsa and mayonnaise are also bigger than ketchup. Don’t even ask about mustard or barbecue sauce.

“Ranch is a mega-flavor in food that’s found across the store, where ketchup is really bound by its bottle in the condiments aisle,” Klein added.

Reactions to this important condiment news, has, as usual, torn the internet in half.

The people have spoken… and vehemently disagreed… again.

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