The First Terrifying Trailer For ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ Is Here, Looks Even BETTER Than ‘Hill House’


Depending on where in this country you live, the Autumn vibes are through the fucking ROOF right now. I live in NYC and ever since September rolled around, we’ve been maintaining a steady 65-75 degrees with mostly sunny skies. It’s been glorious. It’s the type of weather where you can get away with wearing whatever the hell you want. Still clinging onto summer? Shorts and t-shirt are still doable. Perhaps you’re more of a jeans and a t-shirt guy? Right now is the definitive jeans and a t-shirt season. Wanna toss a hoodie on either of those outfits?! Go right ahead. My point is that when it comes to microseasons the beginning of Fall is the undisputed champ. And what says Fall more than Halloween?

To the college kids reading this, let me be the first to say that I’m genuinely fucking sorry all of this bullshit in the world is ruining Halloween Week. Back when I was in Rutgers many moons ago, it could be argued that Halloween Week is the GOAT week of the college calendar. Not only do you have a legitimate excuse (well, at least more than legit than usual) to go out every night of the week, and not only is everyone running around half-naked lookin’ fine as all hell, but it’s the middle of college football season. And not only are you in the midst of the CFB season, but conference play has already begun. PLUS, you can still go to the games without freezing your testicles clean off. So, now that I’ve almost aggressively reminded you of what you’re missing out on (sorry about that), let me, again, be the first and probably last person to express my sympathies.

Anyway, what the fuck was I talking about here? Right, Fall vibes and Halloween. When Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House dropped last year, the spooky season vibes were into the stratosphere, and I have no doubt it’ll be the same when the follow-up, The Haunting of Bly Manor, drops on October 9.

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