O.J. Simpson Offers To Be Spokesman For Hertz Again After Company Files For Bankruptcy

Hertz Files For Bankruptcy OJ Simpson Offers To Be Spokesman Again

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So did you hear? Hertz, the rental car company that’s been around since way back in 1918 when it was initially called Rent-a-Car Inc., recently filed for bankruptcy thanks in large part to no one renting cars during the pandemic. Apparently when folks don’t go anywhere, Hertz doesn’t make any money. Go figure.

When word of this got back to the man whose name is most synonomous with Hertz, thanks to a series of commercials he shot for the company back in the 1970s, 80s and 90s – The Juice was the face of Hertz for a long, long time – O.J. Simpson offered to reprise his role as spokesperson.

In this episode of “Hello Twitter world, it’s George Truly,” Simpson walks into the room holding a suit on a hanger and says, “Hey sweetheart, I’ve been looking for my briefcases. I can’t find them. Where are they?”

“Why dad?” one of his kids replies.

“Well, you know, Hertz just filed bankruptcy. They’re going Chapter 11. They’re going to have to, like, reorganize, and when I was their spokesman, they were number one,” The Juice answers back.

“Seriously dad?” Simpson’s kid asks.

“Hey, today anything is happening. The Donald was elected President. Tiger Woods won another Masters. Hey, even here in Las Vegas, the capital of gambling, they go professional hockey and basketball, ladies basketball, and the Raiders are coming to town,” explained O.J.

Then, when his kid asks him if he’s going to be running and jumping through airports again, reality smacked O.J. right in the face.

“I wasn’t thinking about that,” says a dejected Juice. “It was a thought… Just sayin’.”

But hey, today anything is happening, right, Juice?

To paraphrase perhaps his most famous commercial for Hertz, folks on Twitter shouted, “No, O.J., No!”

Those Hertz commercial O.J. did for Hertz back in the day were pretty sweet. Jamie Lee Curtis even makes an appearance in one of them.

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