How Often You Should Clean Everything In Your Home (Hint: Very, Very Often)

cleaning house


Cleaning sucks, but there’s no getting around it. If you don’t clean there will be bacteria and food crumbs lying all around your place. Do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants. But how often should you have to clean things in your house such as your sink, bed sheets, doorknobs, and keyboard? We have some answers for how often you should clean everything in your home and it’s probably a lot more than you’d expect.

Things You Should Clean Every Day:
Clean Phones With A Cloth Dipped In 50/50 Solution Of Water And Vinegar
Kitchen Countertops
Stove Surfaces
Squeegee Showers

Things You Should Clean Every Few Days:
Swap Out Bath Towels Every Other Day
Swap Out Or Clean Sponges With The Microwave Or Bleach Is Even Better

Things You Should Clean Once A Week:
Wipe Down The Bathroom
Clean Bathtub
Disinfect Shower Curtains With A Baking Soda And Vinegar Solution
Change Your Sheets
Wipe Down Doorknobs
Vacuum Rugs (But More Often If You Have Pets)
Dust-Mop Hardwood Floors
Keyboard, Mouse, And Monitor

Things You Should Clean Once A Month:
Clean Baseboards And Blinds
Sweep The Garage, Patio, And Walkways
Vacuum Upholstered Furniture With The Brush Attachment
Clean Ceiling Fans
Wash Throw Rugs
Dust Ceiling Fans
Inside Of A Coffee Pot

Things You Should Clean Every 3-4 Months:
Deep Clean Your Refrigerator With Warm Soapy Water
Polish Wood Furniture
Change Or Clean Furnace And Air-Conditioner Filters (Less Frequently In Low-Use Seasons)
Clean The Oven

Things You Should Clean Once A Year:
Move Heavy Furniture To Clean Behind And Underneath
Wash Walls
Steam-Clean Carpets

I really feel like a slob because I don’t clean any of these things in my house that regularly.


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