The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Mark Zuckerberg’s Bottle Of BBQ Sauce In New Meta Video

Facebook Announces Its Rebranding Meta Mark Zuckerberg Internet Reacts Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce

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  • Mark Zuckerberg announced the rebrand of Facebook’s parent company on Thursday and a bottle of barbecue sauce stole the show.
  • During the presentation, Zuckerberg had Sweet Baby Ray’s just sitting on his shelf and the internet couldn’t believe it
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Mark Zuckerberg really wants to convince you that he is just a normal guy. The 37-year-old media magnate continues to do everything in his power to maintain a “regular guy” persona and his most recent video is no exception.

Facebook announced today that it is changing the name of its parent company to “Meta.” Facebook itself will still be facebook, and the same goes with Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

However, now, those applications will fall under the brand “Meta.” Zuckerberg announced the change with a video on Thursday afternoon.

During one part of the announcement, Zuckerberg was shown in what appeared to be his office. Whether intentional or not, there was a bottle of barbecue on his bookshelf.

If it was intentional, it was a strange way of trying to connect with “the common folk.” If it was not intentional, it is an incredibly strange thing to have on a bookshelf, serving as a book end.

The barbecue sauce, which was Sweet Baby Ray’s, has cause quite the stir on the internet. Although Sweet Baby Ray’s is delicious, its placement was bizarre and everybody was going nuts over the weird bookshelf decoration.

Here is what the people had to say:

There is only one logical explanation for this strange bookend and it has to do with his now-famous video of Zuckerberg smoking meats.

If you are unfamiliar with Zuckerberg’s love of meat smoking, get a load of this:

For someone who loves his barbecue, Sweet Baby Ray’s is a strange choice. While it is undeniably the best commercial barbecue sauce on the market, shouldn’t he be more into the specialized barbecue sauce market?

Nice try, Zuckerberg!