Jake Paul Proposes Interesting Side Bet With Tommy Fury

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury tattoo bet

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Jake Paul is all set to box Tommy Fury in his next bout. Tommy is the younger brother of heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury and it is a fight that makes perfect sense for both boxers.

There is a healthy amount of skepticism that this bout will actually happen. Jake Paul and Tommy Fury were initially scheduled to meet in the ring in December 2021, then again in August 2022, but it was called off both times.

Now that the Jake Paul-Tommy Fury fight seems to have the green light and is set for February 26th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jake Paul has proposed an interesting bet.

Jake Paul Tattoo Bet With Tommy Fury

Jake gave Tommy Fury the nickname ‘Tommy Fumbles’. In an interview with JOE, Jake Paul proposed a tattoo bet with Tommy Fumbles where the loser has to get a tattoo of the other’s choosing.

Jake Paul said “I’m going to make a bet with him. I haven’t come up with it yet, but I’m going to make some form of a bet. Maybe a tattoo is a good one, but we’ll see what ends up happening there!”

Fight Fans Want Tommy Fury Out After Jake Paul Reveals Backup Plan

In the chance that Tommy Fury has to pull out of his fight with Jake Paul there is already a backup plan in place.

Boxing fans got wind of this and are clamoring for the backup plan over Tommy Fury.

Paul revealed that if Fury drops out of the bout, then he’ll be facing former UFC star, Mike Perry.

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