Jason Momoa, AKA Khal Drogo, Once Again Had The Best Reaction To An Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

by 2 years ago
jason momoa reaction game of thrones


Jason Momoa may be very busy with his current role as Arthur Curry, a.k.a. Aquaman, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t making time to watch his all time favorite TV show Game of Thrones.

We know this because every now and then something happens that makes the man who played Khal Drogo simply HAVE to say something about the show on social media.

Remember his A+ reaction to Emilia Clarke’s nude scene?

“Don’t fuck with my boo,” warned Momoa.

Or when he responded to his former love Daenerys’s relationship with Daario with, “DROGO says fuck that punk​.”

Yeah, well, this week’s episode was one of those where Momoa simply could not hold his tongue and had to take to Instagram and share his awesome thoughts on this week’s episode.

“FUCK ME. It’s been so hard for me not to talk about the greatest show on earth. And I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone So I have been taking it easy on the posts. But holy shit that was intense. Wish I was there to fuck shit up So proud of Dan and David the cast and crew of GOT Aloha DROGO. DRAKARUS 😜😜😜😜😜😜 @emilia_clarke miss u mama your a badass super proud.”

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