Ghislaine Maxwell Bragged To Socialite Friend That ‘Jeffrey Epstein And I Have Everyone On Videotape’

Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly told a fellow British socialite that 'Jeffrey Epstein and I videotaped everyone" as a form of blackmail.

Getty Image / Patrick McMullan / Contributor

Last month there were rumors that the personal emails of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged fixer Ghislaine Maxwell could be released. If the emails were released, they could reveal power brokers from around the world. A new report that Ghsilane and Jeffrey recorded every encounter involving their associates could has influential people scared to their core.

Before Ghislaine Maxwell was known as the madam for Jeffrey Epstein, she was a British socialite. Fellow U.K. debutante Christina Oxenberg became friends with Maxwell since they ran in the same high society circles in the early 1990s.

Oxenberg, who is a relative of a royal family, was at Maxwell’s home in Britain. “We were alone,” Oxenberg said. “She said many things. All creepy. Unorthodox. Strange. I could not believe whatever she was saying was real. Stuff like: ‘Jeffrey and I have everyone on videotape.’”

Oxenberg didn’t really understand the implications of that statement at the time. But now she understands the meaning of the eery conversation.

There are widespread accusations that Maxwell supplied young women, sometimes underage girls, to Epstein. Before his bizarre and suspicious death in a prison cell in August, Epstein was on trial for federal charges of sex trafficking. In 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty in Florida for procuring an underage girl for prostitution and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

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Several sources have claimed that Epstein secretly filmed his guests who visited his various luxurious properties in Manhattan, Palm Beach, New Mexico, and his private Caribbean islands, Little St. James Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

There is an Epstein conspiracy theory that states Jeffrey and Ghislaine were Mossad secret agents who blackmailed powerful individuals from around the world by recording them having sex with prostitutes and underage girls, according to a former ex-handler.

According to the Telegraph, Ghislane told Oxenberg that Epstein bought Maxwell a helicopter after she got her flying license.

“Jeffrey doesn’t trust commercial helicopter pilots,” Oxenberg said Maxwell informed her. “They are eyes and ears we don’t need. And I can do anything. You see, I don’t make mistakes. I am indispensable to Jeffrey.”

“This way nobody knows who’s going to the island,” Ghislaine allegedly said. “This way we have anonymity and secrecy and privacy.”

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The 57-year-old Oxenberg, who is a writer and the eldest daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, has already informed the FBI of the troubling conversation she had with Ghislaine.

“When I told the FBI all of this they said they knew about the helicopter but they didn’t know why,” she said. “I was able to provide them why. So that Epstein and Maxwell could conceal what they were up to. Proving they knew they were up to no good.”

One person who is not assisting the FBI in their investigation into Epstein’s associates is Prince Andrew. Despite saying he would cooperate with U.S. authorities in the past, the royal refuses to communicate with FBI investigators.

Despite knowing that Ghislaine was an associate of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein for years, the FBI didn’t start an investigation into her until late December 2019, months after his death by alleged suicide. To this day, Ghislaine’s whereabouts are unknown, and the last sign of her was a photo of her at an In-N-Out in Los Angeles in August 2019.

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