Why Did Jenna Jameson’s Inaccurate Tweet About Tom Hanks Scrubbing His Twitter Account Go Viral?

Jenna Jameson Tweet About Tom Hanks Twitter Account Sparks Conspiracy

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In a day that has been filled with news we never thought we would see or have seen before, here’s another one, America’s dad Tom Hanks went viral over the weekend thanks to a tweet published by Jenna Jameson.

For some odd reason, Jameson, out of the blue, wrote on Twitter, “Tom Hanks just deleted 3 years worth of tweets in the last hour.”

Less than two days later and Jameson’s tweet about Hanks has been retweeted over 21,000 times and received almost 63,000 likes.

Which is all a little strange considering the the statement Jameson made in the tweet is 100 percent not true.

So, uh, what is with all the retweets and likes?

According to Mikael Thalen of Daily Dot

Hanks has become a primary target of conspiracy theorists aligned with the QAnon movement, which believes that secret government insiders are working alongside President Donald Trump to bring down a child-eating pedophile ring run by Democrat politicians and Hollywood liberals.

Okay, so that might explain some of it, but why did Jameson even send out that tweet in the first place?

Turns out she wasn’t the only one who believed it to be true.

The Independent thinks Jameson’s tweet went viral because of Trump supporters “watching social media for any movement they can use as ‘evidence.'”

How deleting three years worth of tweets, even if it were true, qualifies as evidence of anything is a mystery I cannot unravel.

Now then, why did people think Tom Hanks deleted three years worth of tweets in the first place?

No one really knows, but it appears to have just been some sort of Twitter glitch.

Basically, all this little event proved is that people really have very vivid imaginations and far too much time on their hands these days.